Why do Online Shoppers Abandon e-Commerce Shopping Carts?

The 4 Trillion Dollar Question.

$4,000,000,000,000.00  The amount of money that online retailers loose ANNUALLY due to abandoned shopping carts!

But why?  Why do online consumers abandon shopping carts?

Satista did a study to find out the main reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts.

You […]

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FedEx and UPS – Dimensional Weight Divisor – Biggest Rate Increase Yet?!

Back in May FedEx announced that starting in January 2015 Ground packages will no longer have a 3 cubic foot dim waiver.

What this means is up until January 2015 a package that is under 3 cubic feet (5,184 cubic inches) […]

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How to Calculate Dimensional (DIM) Weight on your packages

You’ve been hearing a lot of news/stories of the drastic dimensional weight changes that UPS and FedEx are implementing in January 2015.
But What Exactly is Dimensional Weight?
Dimensional or DIM weight is a term that was coined by UPS and FedEx. […]

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UPS and FedEx 2014 Rate Increase

Just as we expected UPS and FedEx recently announced their rate increases.

UPS is increasing Ground rates by 4.9%

FedEx is increasing Express rates by 3.9%

These numbers don’t sound like a whole like but if you haven’t noticed, UPS and FedEx increase […]

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How to Ship with USPS and get the Best Shipping Rates?

If you are a beginner at shipping and don’t know where to start from then you came to the right place! Today we will show you how to ship with USPS mail while taking advantage of their great rates!
I use […]

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FedEx and UPS 2012 Revenues a whopping $86 Billion!

UPS and FedEx make $86 Billion in Revenues in 2012
Did you know that FedEx and UPS in 2012 earned $86 billion in combined revenues?! Below are links to each of the companies investor pages where they “brag” about making $40+ billion each.  Find out exactly how much each company made: […]

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