Why do Online Shoppers Abandon e-Commerce Shopping Carts?

The 4 Trillion Dollar Question.

$4,000,000,000,000.00  The amount of money that online retailers loose ANNUALLY due to abandoned shopping carts!

But why?  Why do online consumers abandon shopping carts?

Satista did a study to find out the main reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts.

You […]

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FedEx and UPS – Dimensional Weight Divisor – Biggest Rate Increase Yet?!

Back in May FedEx announced that starting in January 2015 Ground packages will no longer have a 3 cubic foot dim waiver.

What this means is up until January 2015 a package that is under 3 cubic feet (5,184 cubic inches) […]

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How to Calculate Dimensional (DIM) Weight on your packages

You’ve been hearing a lot of news/stories of the drastic dimensional weight changes that UPS and FedEx are implementing in January 2015.
But What Exactly is Dimensional Weight?
Dimensional or DIM weight is a term that was coined by UPS and FedEx. […]

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UPS and FedEx 2014 Rate Increase

Just as we expected UPS and FedEx recently announced their rate increases.

UPS is increasing Ground rates by 4.9%

FedEx is increasing Express rates by 3.9%

These numbers don’t sound like a whole like but if you haven’t noticed, UPS and FedEx increase […]

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