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Though it is common for carrier account executives to attempt to dissuade you from procuring freight contract negotiation help with your UPS contract negotiations and FedEx contract negotiations, third party shipping consultants are a standard part of the industry. Logistics Consulting can help you negotiate good shipping contracts and answer any UPS questions and FedEx questions that you might have.
No. Our team is comprised of individuals that have former employment experience with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other freight carriers but Logistics Consulting has no affiliation with any carrier and gets no benefit from UPS for a UPS freight contract or from any other carrier for their freight contracts. This enables us to suggest and provide unbiased shipping cost reduction solutions and advice when you are looking for a good UPS contract and low UPS negotiated rates, as well as the best contracts and rates for other carriers.
We work with high volume shippers whose business model is predicated on the ability to ship products around the world. Our UPS and FedEx contract negotiation services help improve your carrier relationship by reminding your carrier that they must offer excellent service and price to retain your business. It is important that UPS and FedEx be willing to offer your company excellent pricing and service in each UPS contract and FedEx contract that they offer.
Logistics Consulting is 100% confident that your company will experience freight cost reduction after our team helps to improve current UPS and FedEx contracts through FedEx and UPS contract negotiations. We can guarantee to reduce shipping costs in your FedEx and UPS contracts. Our shipping contract negotiation services will produce shipping cost savings that have previously been overlooked. Our negotiation team will prove superior value with quantifiable results when you trust us to secure the best FedEx and UPS negotiated rates.
Some of the most common questions we receive concern the length of time Logistics Consulting takes for UPS and FedEx contract negotiation. Our contract negotiation services are very systematic. Since we hold the carriers accountable to a defined timeline, the entire process usually takes no longer than eight to twelve weeks to secure the best FedEx or UPS negotiated rates. The burden of effort to produce timely results and significant shipping cost reduction is a top priortity when it comes to your new FedEx or UPS contracts. Logistics Consulting can reduce shipping costs for your company and we will prove it.