If you are a beginner at shipping and don’t know where to start from then you came to the right place! Today we will show you how to ship with USPS mail while taking advantage of their great rates!

I use the post office quite often, although not as much as before, mostly due to the fact that our company has a FedEx and UPS account with great rates but sometimes FedEx and UPS still can’t beat those great USPS prices!  Today we will show you how to ship with USPS and keeping those shipping prices as low as possible!

Shipping with USPS can be very easy and you can great shipping rates at the same time.  Its a Win-Win!

We mostly use for very small and or light weight packages.  This is where USPS beats FedEx and UPS, because FedEx and UPS have minimum base rates which won’t let you go below a certain rate even if the package weighs 1 ounce.  When using FedEx or UPS I can ship a large 10lb package to a neighboring state for the same amount as a tiny 1 ounce package. Just because they have set minimum rates set and you simply cannot go any lower.

This is where USPS comes to play!

The services that I most use with USPS are Priority Mail and First Class Mail.

Priority Mail gets a package to your destination anywhere in the USA in 2-3 days (including weekends!) for a very low price that is if you know how to take advantage of the Priority Mail program*

First Class Mail is a service that is ONLY for packages weighing 13 ounces or less, and takes 2-5 Business Days.

USPS offers other services such as Express Mail and Standard Post.  Both are NOT the most reliable services out there.  Their Express Mail services is “supposedly” a One-Day service but often times your package comes 2 days later.  And their Standard Post or the most economical service is extremely slow, and in addition packages often times get damaged during transit mostly due to the very long transit time.

Standard Post is possibly one of the worst possible shipping services out there today.  This particular package service doesn’t have tracking numbers (unless you buy it for an extra cost), is extremely slow, even if you are shipping to the near by state it sometimes takes up to 10 days for delivery and in those 10 days your package might arrive to the destination looking like it came from WWII.

How to ship with Usps - Logistics Consulting Firm - damaged box

Those are only a few down sides of shipping parcel post.

I started shipping items when I was only 15 years old, I sold my toys on eBay and I started off with USPS because thats the only shipper I knew.  But after a while I started thinking of going to FedEx or UPS and asking how much it would cost to ship a box.

So one day when I had a larger box I went to a local UPS hub and asked the lady at the desk how much would it cost.  The package was going over 1500 miles and to my surprise the price was very reasonable and she even told me the exact date that the package will arrive with a $100 free insurance and an included tracking number!

I was excited!

“I will always ship with UPS now!” I thought to myself.

Couple weeks later I sold my gameboy so instead of going to USPS and checking the price there first I went directly to UPS (my father brought me there).  Entering the hub, confidently I ask the lady to give me a price to California also 1500+ miles, but this time I wanted to purchase extra insurance.  When the UPS lady quoted I almost fell backwards.  “Fifteen Dollars?!” I exclaimed.  This little Gameboy will cost more money to ship then my last big box of legos!

And Back to USPS we went….

$5.25 was the cost to ship my gameboy via Priority Mail which only took 2-3 from NY to California.

I asked the lady at the Post Office why was this package so cheap while a same size package can cost $15 plus to California, and that day she told me a Secret.

USPS has special “Flat Rate” Boxes and if an item “Fits it Ships for One Same Rate” be it to the city next door or to the far end of the country.  In my case it was a Small Flat Rate box that I used and that why the rate was so cheap.

Below are the all USPS Priority Mail Rates Compared:

How to Ship with USPS - Logistics Consulting Firm How to Ship with USPS - Logistics Consulting Firm

As you can see sending an item over $10 to a zone 8 (1500+ miles away) can be costly if using your own packaging.

The best items to ship with USPS Priority Mail are Light Weight or Smaller items that can fit into a Flat Rate box.


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