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About Pricing

LCF’s solutions will produce measurable cost savings in your various shipping contracts. Our compensation is typically limited to a contingent share of the actual savings generated by our freight management services. In that way, clients benefit from no-cost service implementations and are able to assess the value of our solutions based upon real audit cost results. We make sure to engage with clients where an opportunity for savings is highly probable, thus aligning our motivation with our customer’s success in achieving lower freight shipping prices.

When it comes to your cost, contract negotiation services for shipping will never exceed the annual savings you receive from shipping price reductions. Contract negotiation charges are only a percentage of the shipping pricing savings that your contract negotiating services company is able to achieve. In other words, our payment is tied to the reduction we are able to achieve for you in shipping contract prices. Contract Negotiation services from Logistics Consulting Firm are never tied to a long-term contract, which means you are able to use our contract negotiation services without any big commitment.